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Water pressure increases as
a) depth increases
b) gravity decreases
c) force decreases
d) acceleration increases

One application of Pascal's principal is
a) a hydraulic car lift
b) the flight of a plane
c) a speedboat's bottom slapping against the waves
d) the bouyancy shown by ducks and geese

What scientific rule do hydraulic systems follow?
a) Bernoulli's principal
b) Archimedes' principal
c) Pascal's principal
d) Newton's first law of motion

Snowshoes enable a person to walk on deep snow because the snowshoes
a) decrease the person's weight on the snow.
b) increase the area over which the person's weight is distributed
c) increase the pressure on the snow.
d) increase the buoyancy of the person.

If an object floats, the volume of displaced water is equal to the volume of (think of the mythbusters clip)
a) the entire object
b) the portion of the object that is above water
c) the portion of the object that is submerged
d) exactly half of the object

How is the density of a submarine decreased? (just like the cartesian diver)
a) it propels faster through the water
b) it slows down
c) it releases water from flotation tanks
d) it takes in water

Given that air pressure outside of your body is so great, why aren't you crushed?
a) Human skin is extremely strong
b) earth's gravity cancels out the air pressure
c) pressure inside your body balances the pressure outside your body
d) inertia changes the pressure before it comes into contact with you.

Smoke rises up a chimney partially because of
a) Archimede's principal
b) Pascal's principal
c) Bernoulli's principal
d) Newton's first law of motion

Air pressure increases as
a) elevation increases
b) depth decreases
c) elevation decreases
d) depth increases

The mass per unit volume of a substance is its
a) density
b) buoyancy
c) weight
d) fluid pressure

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