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which of the following substances is synthetic
a) paper
b) gold
c) sodium
d) uranium

what property is shared by all matter
a) liquid
b) mass
c) fire
d) solid

in a chemical change:
a) the identify of the substance changes
b) the identify of the substance does not change
c) a substance dissolves
d) a substance solidifies

what is the density of a material that has a mass of 20 grams and a volume of 12 ml?
a) .6g/ml
b) 32 g/ml
c) 1.66g/ml
d) 8 g/ml

in the compound H4O6 the ratio of hydrogen to oxygen is
a) 2 to 3
b) 8 to 12
c) 4 to 6
d) 10

which of the following statements is true
a) elements combine in a multitude of ways to form compounds
b) elements combine randomly
c) elements combine only in the same state of matter
d) elements never combine to form compounds

when sodium combines with chlorine, which compound is formed
a) pepper
b) table salt
c) sugar
d) lemon juice

aluminum's ability to be rolled into thin sheets is evidence that it is
a) metallic
b) malleable
c) flammable
d) corrosive

In a physical change:
a) a new substance is formed
b) gas is always formed
c) the state of matter in a substance changes but the identity of the substance itself does not
d) a solid is always formed

which of the following is true about all natural elements?
a) they are all metals
b) they are all made by humans
c) they can all be found in the soil
d) they all exist in nature

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