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A commissioned officer in tht armed forces.
a) President
b) Colonel
c) Judge
d) Pilot

A group of people who make laws.
a) Governors
b) Cabinet
c) Legislature
d) Law makers

Synonym for adequate.
a) Unsatisfactory
b) Loving
c) Poor quality
d) Satisfactory

To put off until a later time.
a) Postpone
b) Forget
c) Complete
d) All of the above

To permit onself to be subjected to something.
a) Honor
b) Cancel
c) Postpone
d) Submit

To meet the required standard.
a) Qualify
b) Object
c) Win
d) Submit

A member of a legislative body.
a) Member
b) Jury
c) Representative
d) None of the above

One who represents others at a legal proceeding.
a) Judge
b) Attorney
c) Convivct
d) Legislature

The right to vote.
a) Suffrage
b) Voter
c) Media
d) None of the above

To change a document or law.
a) Change
b) Poll
c) Change
d) Ammendment

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