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The skill or science of guiding the course of a ship or airplane.
a) Mapping
b) Contouring
c) Navigation
d) Sailing

A person who loves and enthusiastically serves their country.
a) Patriot
b) Tyrant
c) Colonist
d) Sons of Liberty

The leader or head of a colony or state.
a) President
b) Mayor
c) Leader
d) Governor

To have spirit or guts.
a) Spunk
b) Stark
c) self- control
d) All of the above

A way of walking that shows self-confidence.
a) Crawl
b) Show off
c) Swagger
d) Creep

Something that is harsh or grim.
a) Stark
b) Mean
c) Inferior
d) Empty

To give someone a command or tell someone how to do something.
a) Teach
b) Swagger
c) Navigation
d) Instruct

A cruel ruler who uses force in an unjust way.
a) Principal
b) Governor
c) Tyrant
d) General

Something that can be added to the beginning of a word to change its meaning.
a) Suffix
b) Prefix
c) Base word
d) Word family

To make an inference and arrive at a new understanding of a character or event.
a) Analysis
b) Draw Conculsion
c) Finalize
d) All of the above

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