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. Energy transformation occurs when one form of energy is turned into another. What energy transformation is occurring during the process of photosynthesis?
a) A. Chemical  Thermal
b) B. Radiant  Mechanical
c) C. Heat  Radiant
d) D. Radiant  Chemical

Carbon dioxide + Water + Sunlight energy  glucose + oxygen. Which molecule in the equation represents food energy made by plants?
a) Carbon Dioxide
b) water
c) oxygen
d) glucose

. Glucose molecules contain stored energy for plants. Glucose is made from carbon dioxide and water molecules during photosynthesis. What kind of energy do plants use to make glu
a) Electrical
b) Radiant
c) Thermal
d) Kinetic

The phrase that best describes asexual reproduction is having –
a) one parent and offspring not genetically identical to parents
b) two parents and offspring genetically identical to parents
c) one parent and offspring genetically identical to parents
d) no resulting offspring

What is a gene?
a) A type of protein found in the nucleus of the cell that control’s cells activity
b) A molecule that is only found in animal cell and not in plant cell
c) A segment on a chromosome that codes for a specific trait.
d) A chemical which brings food into the cell with the help of mitochondria.

There are numerous organelles found in the plant and animal cell. Each organelle has a specific structure and function. Which of the following organelle holds the genetic materia
a) mitochondria
b) cell membrane
c) vacuole
d) nucleus

The shape of baby Amanda’s nose and her long eyelashes are traits. Traits are an organism’s physical characteristics. The best example of an inherited human trait is –
a) A new hairstyle
b) Skill in catching a ball
c) How tall you are
d) preference for eating spinach

Which of the following in not true about sexual reproduction
a) Requires two parents
b) Diverse offspring
c) Uniform offspring
d) More Genetic Variation

All of the following are examples of asexual reproduction except
a) Budding in yeast
b) Fission in protists
c) External fertilization of a frog’s egg
d) A potato eye developing a bud

During primary ecological succession, the initial formation of soil helps establish —
a) grasses
b) trees
c) shrubs
d) mushrooms

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