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Which of the following identifies the correct sequence of organization in humans from least complex to most complex?
a) A. Cell  Organ  Tissue  System  Population
b) B. Cell  Tissue  Organism  Organ  Population
c) C. Cell  Tissue  Organ  System  Organism
d) D. Cell  Tissue  System  Organ  Organism

What is the objective lens, if the total magnification is 400X and ocular lens is 10X?
a) 4000X
b) 400x
c) 40x
d) 4x

Which set of equipment would be used to measure the boiling point of a liquid?
a) A. Balance, Thermometer, and stopwatch
b) B. Test tube, hot plate, and balance
c) C. Stopwatch, test tube, and microscope
d) D. Beaker, hot plate, and thermometer

Which organelle controls materials that materials come in an out of the cell? It only lets certain materials enter the cell, while it blocks other substance.
a) cell wall
b) cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

This structure of the cell is found between the cell membrane and the nucleus. All the organelles in the cell float on this structure. What is this structure in the cell?
a) Cytoplasm
b) Chloroplast
c) Mitochondria
d) Nucleus

There are various catastrophic events that impact our ecosystem, such as earthquake, volcanoes, hurricane, wildfires, and many more. Severe beach erosion is caused by which catast
a) Hurricane
b) tornado
c) drought
d) wildfire

Which of these is an example of mechanical weathering?
a) Rock is broken by ice expanding in cracks.
b) Oxygen mixes with iron in rock to cause oxidation
c) Solar energy heats water and causes it to evaporate
d) A river moves loose rock downstream.

This structure controls the activities of the cell. It knows everything that occurs in the cell. What is the organelle?
a) Cell Wall
b) Cell membrane
c) nucleus
d) cytoplasm

What are the organelles only found in the plant cell, but not found in animal cells?
a) Chloroplast and cytoplasm
b) Cell wall and Cell membrane
c) Cell wall and Chloroplast
d) Mitochondria and Chloroplast

Which of the following correctly describes the process of photosynthesis
a) A. Plants takes in oxygen and glucose to make carbon dioxide and water
b) B. Plants uses oxygen and water to make glucose and carbon dioxide
c) C. Plants use carbon dioxide and water in presence of light to make glucose and oxygen
d) D. Plants use oxygen and carbon dioxide in presence of light to make glucose and oxygen

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