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What six carbon molecule is broken down in glycolysis?
a) Oxaloacetate
b) Acetyl-CoA
c) Citric Acid
d) Glucose

Where does the Kreb cycle take place?
a) Matrix of mitochondria
b) Inner membrane space
c) Cytosol
d) Christae of mitochondria

What is the job of NAD+?
a) Make water
b) Carry electrons and hydrogen ions to the ETC
c) Bring oxygen and hydrogen ions to the ETC
d) Remove carbon dioxide

Where does the oxygen comes from in the ETC?
a) Air we breathe in
b) From NAD+
c) From carbon dioxide
d) Air we breathe out

What is the name of the protein that makes ATP by charging ADP?
a) Christae
b) Matrix
c) ATP synthase
d) Acetyl CoA

Which of these processes is aerobic?
a) Glycolysis
b) Kreb Cycle
c) Transition Reaction
d) Electron Transport Chain

Hydrogens are forced to the inner membrane space using what type of transport?
a) Diffusion
b) Faciitated Diffusion
c) Protein Pumping
d) Exocytosis

What three carbon molecule is glucose broken down into?
a) Pyruvic Acid
b) Acetyl CoA
c) Citric Acid
d) Oxaloacetate

What is the energy molecule used by the cell?
a) ADP
b) Citric Acid
c) Glucose
d) ATP

Where does glycolysis take place?
a) Matrix
b) Inner Membrane Space
c) Christae
d) Cytosol

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