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There is a new moon on July 31. On which date would the next new moon occur?
a) August 5
b) August 29
c) August 19
d) August 10

Cyclonic storms such as hurricanes usually form in certain areas off the coast of Africa and in the Pacific Ocean. Why do hurricanes form in these regions?
a) Both are large bodies of water.
b) Both have warm, moist air.
c) Both have cold, deep currents.
d) Both have strong wind currents.

Predators and Parasites are always harmful to their pre or host populations
a) True
b) False, because parasites and predators kill their host and prey.
c) False, because predators and parasites often help the host or prey population by attacking the weak.
d) False, because predators always harm the prey population, but parasites often do little or no harm.

When ________ erupts from a crack in the ocean _____________, it cools and hardens.
a) mid-atlantic ridge; lava
b) folded mountain; island
c) floor; volcanic island
d) lava; floor

The rocks at the bases of the trees were separated from the cliff face by water freezing and thawing. Which process describes the breaking of the rocks?
a) Soil erosion
b) Physical Weathering
c) Chemical Weathering
d) Mountain building

Which of following is an agent of erosion?
a) fire
b) oceans
c) mountains
d) water

Which of the following is needed for both chemical and physical weathering
a) creates new substance
b) warm weather
c) need water
d) results in same rock composition

Which of the following is a type of evidence that Alfred Wegner used to support his Theory of Continental Drift?
a) climate
b) warm and freezing weather
c) oceanic to continental convergent
d) subduction zones at continental margins

What process do modern theories use to explain the Continental Drift?
a) Subduction zones at continental margins
b) Convection currents in the mantle
c) Magnetic reversals of the north and south poles
d) Hot Spots forming under continents

What does the Earth\'s rotation on its axis cause?
a) seasons
b) convection currents
c) moon phases
d) day and night

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