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On a topographic map, what will the lines for a steep area look like?
a) the lines will be far apart
b) the lines are closer together
c) there are no lines
d) there is only ohe line

What causes the seasons?
a) plate tectonics
b) tilt of the earth on its axis
c) my pet
d) sun's light

If there is a new moon on August 1, then when is the next new moon?
a) August 20
b) August 30
c) when it feels like it
d) the world would have ended by August 28, 2012

What happens at a transform boundary?
a) transformers
b) earthquake
c) mountains
d) crust is destroyed

The Sun heats the atmosphere of Earth unevenly. Which of the following is the most likely result of this uneven heating?
a) hurricanes
b) el nino
c) la nina
d) wind

What will happen when the producer in a food chain dies?
a) nothing will happen
b) the entire food chain will die
c) only the first level consmers will die
d) the entire world will die

a) agdsa
b) asdg
c) agd
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

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