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Which group contains the most elements?
a) metalloids
b) nonmetals
c) metals
d) transition elements

The heat that changes a rock into metamorphic rock comes from
a) the heat of the mantle.
b) the sun.
c) movements in the crust.
d) chemical rocks in the crust.

Although brick, steel, and glass all come from substances found in Earth’s crust, they are NOT classified as minerals because
a) they are organic.
b) they are not naturally occurring.
c) they are too hard.
d) they have many uses.

The ozone layer protects people from which of the following?
a) too much ultraviolet radiation
b) carbon monoxide poisoning
c) the effects of radon
d) allergies

What is the hardest known mineral?
a) talc
b) quartz
c) diamond
d) gold

Minerals can form deep inside Earth’s crust by
a) cleavage and fracture.
b) friction along faults.
c) crystallization of melted materials.
d) evaporation of ancient seas.

Many uses of land, including logging, mining, and farming, expose the soil, which can lead to
a) erosion.
b) nutrient depletion.
c) development.
d) crop rotation.

Using land to grow food crops is an example of
a) desertification.
b) agriculture.
c) mining.
d) development.

A town is debating what type of power plant to build. To make the best possible decision,
a) the town council should find out which type of plant the mayor prefers.
b) the town council should always choose the cheapest plant.
c) the town council should consider the costs and benefits of each type of plant.
d) the town council should look only at the short-term benefits of each type of plant.

How can water be scarce when almost three-fourths of the Earth is covered by water?
a) Most of Earth's water is salty water found in the oceans.
b) Most of Earth's water is underground.
c) Most of Earth's water is in the atmosphere.
d) Most of Earth's water is frozen at the poles.

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