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Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of Linnaeus' system for naming organisms?
a) two-part name
b) multi-part name describing several traits
c) name that identifies organism's genus
d) name unique to a single species

What is true about using similarities to classify different species?
a) Only similar species, such as two species of rabbits, can be meaningfully compared.
b) Genetic similarities are no indication of the relationship between two species.
c) Even dissimilar species can be compared at the level of certain genes.
d) It is not possible to compare dissimilar species because they have no traits in common.

If species A and B have very similar genes and proteins, what is probably true?
a) They shared a relatively recent common ancestor.
b) Species A evolved independently of species B for a long period.
c) Species A and B are the same species.
d) Species A is older than Species B.

The length of time that two taxa have been evolving separately can be estimated using a
a) phylogenetic tree.
b) cladogram.
c) molecular clock.
d) six-kingdom system.

The taxon called Eukarya is a(n)
a) order
b) domain
c) phylum
d) family

The science that specializes in the classification of organisms is
a) anatomy
b) taxonomy
c) botany
d) paleontology

Solely from its name, you know that Rhizopus nigricans must be
a) a plant
b) an animal
c) in the genus nigricans
d) in the genus Rhizopus

In classifying organisms, orders are grouped together into
a) classes
b) phyla
c) families
d) genera

The largest and most inclusive of taxonomic categories is the
a) species
b) phylum
c) kingdom
d) domain

A unique trait that is used to construct a cladogram is called a
a) taxon
b) molecular clock
c) domain
d) derived character

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