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Which of these social classes is the lowest in rank?
a) Laborer
b) Gentlemen
c) President
d) Council Member

When the colonists first begin trading with the natives John smith recommends building a palisade for what reason?
a) he thinks it will protect their goods from the natives
b) he believes the gentlemen are stealing food from the servants
c) he thinks they are counting the men and planning an attack
d) he believes that they should no trade.

Captain Smith was arrested on the Susan Constant and accused of what?
a) stealing
b) murder
c) cheating
d) plotting to kill the leaders to take over himself

Why was Captain Smith arrested the second time?
a) trading with the natives
b) the death of the two men who exploring with him in native territory
c) mocking Master Wingfield
d) not working enough

What did John Laydon make for Ann?
a) a warm blanket
b) a desk
c) a table
d) a decorative wooden chest

Why was John Smith so angry at the docks in England before leaving for the New World?
a) he thought the Virginia Company was sending to many gentlemen
b) he had just gotten hurt
c) he forgot to pack something
d) he was not happy Samuel was going to be his page

Why was Master Ratcliffe relieved from his duty as President of James Town?
a) he was wounded
b) he was sneaking extra food rations
c) he forced the servants to build him a larger house in the forest
d) he was accused of treason

Why did Chief Powhatan command his tribes not to trade with the colonists any more?
a) he was upset by the coronation fiasco
b) he was tired of giving and never getting anything in return
c) he wanted to kill off all the white men
d) his tribes were struggling to survive and did not have anything extra to trade

When Captain Smith was training Samuel, what did he say was more powerful than the sword?
a) the Bible
b) The Algonquian language
c) a hatchet
d) a musket

What is the name of the ship that Samuel, Richard, Captain Smith, and Reverend Hunt were on?
a) Sea Venture
b) Susan Constant
c) Discovery
d) Godspeed

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