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All of the following were negative effects of industrialization except:
a) Child Labor
b) Unsafe working conditions
c) Short Hours
d) Low Wages

They organized to protect workers from the negative effects of industrialization
a) Committees
c) Bank
d) Unions

As organized labor grew this gained more strength.
a) The President
b) American Federation of Labor
c) Captains of Industy
d) The Factories

Strikes were used an an effective tool, however, after the ________ strike, where people died, unions got a bad name.
a) Homestead
b) None of the answers
c) UAW
d) Progressive

Which of the following were a result of progressive reforms?
a) Improved safety conditions
b) All of the answers
c) Restrictions of chid labor
d) Reduced work hours

What were women suffragist fighting for?
a) The right to join the military
b) The right to own property
c) The right to vote
d) The right to work at the same jobs as men

This amendment gave women the right to vote.
a) 19
b) 14
c) 18
d) 21

She fought for women\'s suffrage.
a) Susan B. Anthony
b) Martha Washington
c) Nancy Reagan
d) Marie Antoinette

The _________ movement was composed of groups opposed to the making and consuming of alcohol.
a) suffrage
b) Union
c) Reconstruction
d) Temprance

This amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sale, and transport of alcoholic beverages.
a) 19
b) 27
c) 21
d) 18

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