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she has studied for 2 hours yesterday
a) she studied
b) she has been studying
c) she was studying
d) she studied since 2 hours

he has been winning 3 championships recently
a) he has won
b) he is winning
c) he won
d) he wins

how many time have you been studying in Maïmonide ?
a) how long
b) how long time
c) how much
d) for how long

I've had no news from him since he has left
a) since he left
b) for he has left
c) for he left
d) during he left

I finally bought the shoes I saw in the shop
a) I had seen
b) I have seen
c) I see
d) I'm seeing

many people spoke when I arrived in class
a) many people were speaking
b) many people have spoken
c) many people are speaking
d) and Mendel was late, as usual

What did you do ? you look exhausted !
a) what have you been doing ?
b) what do you do ?
c) what have you done ?

he didn't finish his homework yet
a) he hasn't finished
b) he has finished
c) he hasn't been finishing
d) he hates doing homework !

he looked for a job for 3 months when he has got one finally
a) he had been looking --- he got
b) he had been looking --- he had got
c) he looked --- he got
d) he has been looking --- he got

I am trying to do Mrs Keller's homework for 1 hour and I don't finish yet !
a) I have been trying to do --- I haven't finished
b) I tried to do --- I haven't finished
c) I am trying to do --- I didn't finish
d) Mrs Keller won't give any more homework

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