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What is the process in which surface materials are worn away and transported from one place to another?
a) weathering
b) erosion
c) oxidation
d) abrasion

Which of these is not a catastrophic natural disaster?
a) Earthquake
b) Tsunami
c) Thunderstorm
d) Tornado

In space there is no atmosphere pressing down on the astronaut's body. What is one danger to the human body because of this lack of pressure?
a) The astronaut may experience hearing loss.
b) The astronaut will lose body mass.
c) The astronaut can suffer from embolism and die.
d) The astronaut can get disoriented.

In searching for other planets that might support life, scientists seek planets that are likely to have
a) Sodium
b) Sulfur
c) Water
d) Carbon Dioxide

Water that soaks or percolates through soil and rock is known as:
a) Rivers
b) Aquifer
c) Ground Water
d) Precipitation

Earth's atmosphere helps trap solar energy and keeps the planet warm. This is known as the __________ effect.
a) Coriolis
b) Greenhouse
c) neptune
d) All of the above

Which of the following catastrophic events is most likely to be a mountain-building process?
a) Flooding along a river
b) Hurricane
c) Volcanic Eruption
d) Tornado

Desert plants must adapt to very hot days, cold nights, and less than 25 cm of annual rainfall. Which of the following is not an adaptation present in desert plants?
a) Deeper roots
b) Small leaves
c) Sharp spines
d) Salt tolerance

Which abiotic factor would have a great impact on a tropical rain forest?
a) Amount of rainfall
b) Diversity of species
c) Types of plants and trees
d) Amount of food available

Which of these is a successful adaptation present in polar bears that live in the snowy and icy environment of the Artic Circle?
a) White color fur
b) Large Size
c) Good hunting skills
d) Very sharp claws

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