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COPPER WIRE is an example of when electricty-
a) conducts
b) insulates
c) resists
d) engergizes

A material that RESISTS but doesn't stop the flow of electric current is a(an)
a) charge
b) conductor
c) resistor
d) electric cell

The FLOW of electric charges is an
a) electric field
b) electric current
c) electric cell
d) electric force

THE PLASTIC COATING around a copper wire that prevents electric shock is a(an)
a) resistor
b) conductor
c) energizer
d) insulator

The PATH made for an electric current is
a) a charge
b) a circuit
c) a current
d) an electric field

Another name for a BATTERY is an
a) electric field
b) electric current
c) electric force
d) electric cell

A circuit with ONE PATH is called a
a) parallel circuit
b) circuit judge
c) series circuit
d) perpendicular circuit

A circuit with MORE THAN ONE PATH is called a
a) series circuit
b) perpendicular circuit
c) circuit judge
d) parallel circuit

Electricity will not flow unless a circuit is
a) open
b) closed
c) positive
d) negative

Most of the time objects have NO charge and are called
a) neutral
b) shock
c) rubbing
d) electrons

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