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The complimentary strand to the DNA sequence ATGCCTT would be

When studying DNA base sequences of different specie, it is known that species that share:
a) more similarities are less related to each other
b) more similarities have a distant evolutionary relationship
c) fewer similarities are closely related to each other
d) fewer similarities are distantly related to each other

In order for species of evolve, three steps must occur. Which of the following reveals the correct steps.
a) isolation, differentiation, adaptation
b) adaptation, isolation, differentiation
c) isolation, adaptation, differentiation
d) differentiation, adaptation, isolation

In order for natural selection to occur populations must:
a) under-reproduce
b) over-reproduce
c) have no variations
d) have no pressure from the environment.

Which statement that follows was NOT part of Darwin;s conclusion?
a) squirrel and snake
b) snake and kangaroo
c) kangaroo and squirrel
d) All of the above

Which of the following are true about the amount of chromosomes in human diploid/body cells and sex cell?.
a) human body cells have 23 chromosomes and the human sex cell contains 23 chromosomes
b) human body cells have 46 chromosomes and the human sex cell contains 23 chromosomes
c) human body cells have 46 chromosomes and the human sex cell contains 46 chromosomes
d) human body cells have 78 chromosomes and the human sex cell contains 39 chromosomes

The red-eyed tree frog, the smoky jungle frog, and the strawberry dart-poison frog all have their own ____, which help them to survive life and reproduce in a tropical rain forest.
a) adaptations
b) speciation
c) vestigal structures
d) selective breeding

When a population is divided by an event such as a new river forming __________ has occured
a) differentiation
b) isolation
c) adaptation
d) separation

Extinction occurs when __________________ happens.
a) loss of habitat
b) isolation
c) differentitaion
d) adaptation

How many genes does each parent pass on to its offspring?
a) 23
b) 2
c) 1
d) 48

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