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a) to bewitch or facinate
b) to ignore
c) to make pretty
d) to make ugly

a) to make fall
b) a picture
c) a magic formula
d) a special drink

a) smelly boy from Georgia
b) the use of charms or spells believed to have supernatural power
c) the use of photographs to capture an image
d) the use of words to make someone mad

a) causing someone to feel sad
b) causing something fun to happen
c) causing anger
d) causing or threatening harm

a) an evil person
b) a tired person
c) a tall man
d) a happy person

a) generous
b) lucky
c) selfish desire
d) happy

a) ridiculous or lack of judgement
b) having lots of energy
c) too smart
d) serious, solemn

a) very proud
b) too proud
c) mean to another person
d) not proud, to destroy the power of

A fairy tale will include the following...
a) a boy might become a dragon
b) a boy grows up
c) a baby cries
d) a cat meows

In a fairy tale objects can become enchanted like...
a) puppies grow into dogs
b) a baby shaking a rattle
c) pumpkins become carriages
d) birds fly away

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