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Fairy Tales feature characters such as _____________, goblins, elves, and giants.
a) fairies
b) babies
c) girls
d) men

The stoke of midnight humbled the magic of Cinderella's dress and coach. Humbled means...
a) To make someone fall
b) To make someone pretty
c) To make someone ugly
d) To destroy the power of

Fairy Tales take place ______________________ ________________________.
a) yesterday
b) tomorrow
c) on Friday
d) long ago

_______________________ is usually how a fairy tale begins.
a) A week ago
b) Around the corner
c) Once upon a time
d) Through the woods

Characters in fairy tales are ___________ and _____________.
a) smart, dumb
b) good, evil
c) mad, sad
d) hot, tired

Fairy tale settings usually take place in a ______________________.
a) castle
b) dorm
c) garage
d) pond

Spells and ___________ usually transform people or objects in fairy tales.
a) harm
b) gifts
c) love
d) magic

A problem is usually solved with a _______________________.
a) solution
b) lecture
c) speech
d) beating

Fariy tales often happen in the numbers of threes and ______________.
a) twos
b) sevens
c) fives
d) ones

Which is NOT a reason people like fairy tales?
a) truth prevails deception
b) hard work overcomes obsticals
c) generosity is often rewarded
d) bad news always happens

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