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Describe Egypt's climate
a) Tundra
b) Rain Forest
c) Desert
d) Temperate

What did Egyptians use the Nile for?
a) Irrigation
b) transportation
c) Making mud bricks
d) all of the above

Why was traveling along the Nile difficult?
a) silt
b) wind
c) canals
d) cataracts

What is the name of the small bits of rock and soil deposited when a river floods?
a) silt
b) sand
c) natron
d) gravel

What is a triangular shaped area at the mouth of a river called?
a) basin
b) delta
c) shore
d) bank

What is remarkable about the Nile River?
a) shortest river in the world
b) deepest river in the world
c) widest river in the world
d) longest river in the world

The Nile empties into the...
a) Mediterranean Sea
b) Blue Nile
c) Red Nile
d) Red Sea

On which continent is Egypt located
a) Europe
b) Italy
c) Africa
d) Asia

Paper in ancient Egypt was made from which plant?
a) cane
b) cyprus
c) pointsettia
d) papyrus

Which artifact made it possible to translate hieroglyphics?
a) King Tut's Tomb
b) Rosetta Stone
c) The Pyramid of Giza
d) The Great Pyramid

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