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It would be best to measure the length of an earthworm in:
a) millimeters
b) centograms
c) degrees
d) kilometers

What tool would you use to see bacteria?
a) teloscope
b) microscope
c) triple beam balance
d) binoculars

To make a batch of ice tea, what scientifc measurement should you use to measure and add the water?
a) grams
b) centimeters
c) kilograms
d) liters

If you are measuring the mass of a tiger, which instrument should you use?
a) graduated cylinder
b) balance
c) meter stick
d) asking questions

Which is a good hypothesis?
a) The worms come out of the rain to avoid drowning
b) Why do worms come out of the ground?
c) I like worms?
d) After the rain. 25 wrom came out of the ground

dv iv graph
a) temperature
b) mold growth
c) inverse
d) line graph

All of the following are components of the scientific method EXCEPT
a) forming hypothesis
b) testing hypothesis
c) making wild guesses
d) asking a question

When should you work alone in the lab?
a) any time you want
b) never
c) If your friends tell you its ok.
d) When all the equipment is put away.

A hypothesis;
a) may be correct, partially correct, or incorrect
b) should be a random guess
c) is always wrong
d) is always correct

If you're measuring the mass of your friend Ted, you should use:
a) kilograms
b) grams
c) centimeters
d) milligrams

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