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Which these is not a sign of a chemical reaction?
a) A gas is given off.
b) A color change occurs.
c) Heat is released.
d) The material dissolves.

The substance that is formed in a chemical reaction is called the
a) polymer
b) reactant
c) radical
d) product

Which of the following stores chemical energy?
a) the temperature of a substance
b) the density of the substance
c) the bonds of a molecule
d) the nucleus of an atom

Which of the following occurs in an endothermic reaction but not in an exothermic reaction?
a) Chemical bonds are broken
b) Energy is absorbed
c) Molescules are formed.
d) Atoms are rearranged.

A type of endothermic reaction is
a) bioluminescence by a firefly
b) an exploding firecracker
c) burning gasoline
d) photosynthesis by a plant

A type of reaction that produces an increase in temperature is
a) endothermic
b) exothermic
c) covalent
d) nonpolar

A reaction in which the products contain more chemical energy than the reactants is
a) exothermic
b) electrical
c) endothermic
d) exergonic

Which of these represents the release of chemical energy?
a) pouring gasoline into a tank
b) burning charcoal in a grill
c) a toy car running down a ramp
d) warming food in a microwave

Which of the following are products and reactants of a chemical reaction most likely to have in common?
a) atoms
b) molecules
c) physical properties
d) chemical properties

Which of the following occurs when gasoline is burned?
a) New elements are formed.
b) New atoms are formed.
c) New molecules are formed
d) all of these

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