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Sans serif typefaces ____________.
a) are hard to read in large point sizes
b) are used for titles and subtitles
c) are used for body text
d) none of the answers listed

What advanced feature would you use in order to place the title of your report around the picture of a basketball?
a) bulleted text
b) contoured text
c) lined text
d) outlilned text

A set of letter forms, numbers, and symbols that are unified by a common visual design.
a) data sets
b) descenders
c) ascenders
d) typeface

Balance is
a) creating equal visual weight to a design
b) a composition technique where a design is divided into thirds vertically and horizontally.
c) natural or manmade lines that lead the viewer's eye to the subject
d) placing the center of interest inside objects in the foreground

Assymetrial balance is __________.
a) creating a strong visual element so the reader's eye is drawn to that area or object first.
b) placing similar objects with same visual weight in the same positions on either side of the design.
c) placing dissimilar objects that have the same visual weight opposite each other.
d) an agreement or union between elements or objects on the screen.

The design concept of __________ refers to the process of repeating visual elements throughout a publication.
a) alignment
b) repetition
c) proximity
d) contrast

The principle of _________ states that nothing should be placed on the page arbitrarily. Every item should have a visual connection with something else on the page.
a) alignment
b) repetition
c) proximity
d) contrast

“If two elements are not exactly the same, make them different. Really different.” This is the application of the _________ design principle.
a) alignment
b) repetition
c) proximity
d) contrast

Small, ornamental characters that are frequently used for bullets are known as ____.
a) dingbats
b) batwings
c) symbols
d) clipart

Letters that have vertical extensions at the ends of the main strokes are said to be _________.
a) arial
b) letters without feet
c) sans serif
d) serif

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