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What is the volume of an object that has a length of 2 cm, a width 3 cm and a height of 10 m?
a) 15
b) 15 cm2
c) 60 cm2
d) 60 cm3

When measuring the amount of water in a cup, it would be best to measure the volume in _______________
a) centimeters
b) grams
c) milliliters
d) kilometers

To bake a cake you need to measure the amount of oil to pour, which instrument would be best to measure volume.
a) meter stick
b) graduated cylinder
c) triple beam balance
d) thermometer

Which of the following is NOT considered a safety procedure?
a) Read all the steps in your activity before doing it.
b) If in doubt about any part of an activity, do whatever you want.
c) Follow your teacher’s instructions.
d) Follow the directions exactly.

A variable unchanged throughout an experiment is called the:
a) independent varible
b) experimental variable
c) control variable
d) dependentvariable

A line graph is used when:
a) one variable causes a second variable to increase or decrease
b) comparing data
c) comparing categories such as percentages
d) plotting all the scientific data

The scientific method is used to solve many problems. One of the first steps is:
a) collecting data
b) analyzing data
c) asking a question
d) drawing a conclusion

What is the area if the length is 10 m and the Width is 6 cm?
a) 16
b) 60 cm3
c) 60 cm 2
d) 16 cm2

Mass is a measurement of:
a) how hot or cold something is.
b) anything that has mass and takes up space
c) how much surface something has
d) the amount of matter something contains.

a) direct relationship
b) constant relationship
c) no relationship
d) inverse relationship

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