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Emergency Pharmacology & Venous Access.[print questions]

Diazepam is the _______ name.
a) Trade
b) Official
c) Chemical
d) Generic

These drugs have the highest potential for abuse and have no currently accepted medical use in the United States.
a) Schedule I
b) Schedule II
c) Schedule III
d) Schedule V

Pediatric drug dosage is based on a child's age rather than their weight or body surface area.
a) True
b) False

This route of medication administration is considered slow rate of absorption.
a) Intravenous
b) Sublingual
c) Rectal
d) Oral

This is an individuals capacity to endure medications.
a) Drug dependance
b) Idiosyncratic reaction
c) Hyposensitivity
d) Tolerance

When placing an IV line, the best indication of accidental arterial puncture is:
a) an absense of a distal pulse
b) bright red blood spurting from the cannula
c) air bubbles at the proximal end of the needle
d) swelling and intese pain around the puncture site

This vein can sometimes make it difficult to position the catheter flush with skin
a) Digital
b) Antecubital
c) Accessory cepahlic
d) Metacarpal

An example of a contraindication to IV therapy would be?
a) Pediatric patient
b) Unconcious patient
c) Hydrated patient
d) Patient with burned extremities

The risk(s) associated with IV therapy include:
a) Bleeding
b) Infiltration
c) Infection
d) All the above

Elderly patients have more prominent veins and less resistant skin.
a) True
b) False

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