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1. Which of the following traits is most influenced by the environment that is acquired trait?
a) Body weight
b) Eye color
c) . Blood type
d) Color blindness

The diagram shows a one-celled organism called a Paramecium dividing into two new cells,
a) sexual reproduction
b) asexual reproduction
c) inheritance of traits from both parents
d) a response to light

The phrase that best describes asexual reproduction is having –
a) one parent and offspring not genetically identical to parents
b) two parents and offspring genetically identical to parents
c) one parent and offspring genetically identical to parents
d) no resulting offspring

The best example of an inherited human trait is –
a) A new hairstyle
b) Skill in catching a ball
c) A preference for eating spinach
d) Color of eyes

Which of the following in not true about sexual reproduction
a) Requires two parents
b) Diverse offspring
c) Uniform offspring
d) More Genetic Variation

Most bacteria reproduce asexually and the advantage is that they reproduce faster compared to mammals which reproduce sexually, which means you have more bacterial offspring compar
a) Requires one parent
b) Identical offspring
c) Hydra reproduce asexually
d) All of the above

When a baby is born, the parents, their families, and their friends try to determine whom the baby resembles. Chances are good that the baby will look a little bit like both paren
a) Process in which characteristics pass from parents to offspring.
b) Organism’s physical characteristics
c) Segment of DNA that codes for a trait
d) A type of gene you get from your environment

What is the male sex cell called
a) Testis
b) Sperm
c) Egg
d) Ovary

The instructions for the various hereditary traits of an organism are found in its
a) Glucose
b) Mitochondria
c) Chromosomes
d) Cell membrane

Where are genes located?
a) In a chromosomes in a cell’s nucleus
b) Inside the mitochondria in a cell’s nucleus
c) Inside the alleles in a cell’s cytoplasm
d) Inside the traits in a cell’s cytoplasm

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