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What is another name for a tribal chief?
a) captain
b) kaaba
c) sheikh
d) king

Prophet and founder of Islam
a) Moses
b) Yathrib
c) Abbasids
d) Muhammad

Baghdad was built by this non-Arab dynasty
a) Abbasids
b) Hebrews
c) Umayyads
d) Romans

Followers of Islam
a) Christians
b) Muslimites
c) Jews
d) Muslims

The ruler of Islamic people was called a
a) schism
b) Shiite
c) Caliph
d) Vizier

Muslims divided into which of the following sects?
a) Shiites
b) Samarites
c) Sunnis
d) Both a and c are correct

The essential duties of all Muslims
a) the eight-fold path
b) the five pillars
c) the golden road
d) the curvy path

the city that became the crossroads of commerce and worship
a) Yathrib
b) Baghdad
c) Mecca
d) Medina

the holy book of the Muslims
a) Quoran
b) Bible
c) Torah
d) Diaspora

All Muslims are supposed to
a) run for public office
b) fast twice a year
c) take part in the hajj
d) live in Mecca

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