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Goals, Techniques, Etc.[print questions]

What are the goals of feminist therapy?
a) recognizing similarities between individual issues and those of other women
b) body image and sensuality, attention to diversity, political awareness and social action
c) symptom removal, self-esteem, quality of interpersonal relationships
d) both #2 and #3 (B and C)

What is the assumption underlying the goals of feminist therapy?
a) female point of view is accepted
b) people of all cultural backgrounds exist in a political and social system that can be discriminatory
c) relationships between people should be equal
d) all of the above

What is the main criticism surrounding assessment within feminist therapy?
a) exploring strong emotions such as anger
b) not blaming clients for their problems
c) classification systems such as the DSM-IV-TR and diagnostic labeling
d) the focus on social rather than psychological symptoms

What is included in a gender-role analysis?
a) identifying gender-role messages the clients has received throughout their life
b) identifying positive and negative consequences about gender-role messages
c) identifying statements client makes to self based on received gender-role messages
d) all of the above

What is the purpose of a power intervention?
a) disempowering the client
b) to save electricity
c) making the therapist feel more powerful
d) To strengthen the client's sense of self through information, to help the client feel more powerful

A power analysis creates change through...
a) helping the client become more aggressive
b) recognizing where a client's lack of power has previously prevented change and creating a new plan
c) helping the client become more assertive
d) all of the above

What is the goal of a gender-role intervention
a) to help a client define their gender and expectations more clearly
b) to help the client with the transition when becoming a transgender
c) to provide the client insights about social issues as they affect the client's psychological problem
d) to convert a homosexual into a heterosexual

Assertiveness is...
a) being aggressive
b) sharing your opinion openly regardless of consequence
c) standing up for one's own rights without violating the rights of others
d) "telling someone how it is"

When we shift from blaming oneself to looking at society for an explanation, we use the term
a) demystifying
b) reframing
c) relabeling
d) none of the above

What is the means of demystifying therapy in feminist therapy?
a) self-disclosure
b) providing information about the process of therapy and sharing some of the skills of therapy
c) encourage client to give information regarding the impact the therapist is having
d) all of the above

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