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What is an example of a gender preference in childhood?
a) interactions with parents and teachers foster independence in girls
b) there is no pressure to change, example, girls are valued if they are
c) parents usually let their children pick their own clothes
d) children tend to play in same sex groups

In adolescence, gender roles preferences tend to be more severe and...
a) girls are valued more for achievements
b) girls appearances don't matter as much as in childhood
c) puberty tends to cause more conflict for girls than boys
d) boys must learn to regulate sexual activity

Four main issues impacting adult women and their development from a societal perspective are...
a) mothering, marriage, appearance, relationships
b) self-image, sexual activity, fear of being alone, relationships
c) marital roles, work, social class, race
d) mothering, work, midlife/aging, and violence

Gender schema tends to examine people in terms of...
a) how highly gender typed they are
b) individual differences
c) types of jobs they are good at
d) androgyny

Gilligan's highest level in her Morality of Care model is...
a) be concerned for others following social norms
b) understanding that rules are to be obeyed because they are needed for order, but can be changed
c) concern for responsibilities to self and others, and seeing self and others as interdependent
d) society's standards can be violated to meet internal standards of justice

Based on Miller's Relational Model, women's sense of self is...
a) their achievement in their careers
b) based on their level of independence
c) their appearances
d) based on their ability to develop and maintain relationships, "being in relation"

One of the conflicts feminist theory has examined with men is...
a) integrating the need for relationships and the need to achieve
b) being "masculine" while also allowing one's self to feel emotional pain
c) anger and aggression
d) all of the above

One of the ways feminist therapists help homosexual client counter myths is...
a) helping them explore the psychological causes of homosexuality
b) sending their own messages about homosexuality
c) trying to convert homosexuals into heterosexuals
d) focusing on social factors such as discrimination

What are three major problems that the white therapist must consider when working with multicultural clients?
a) bigotry, color blindness, paternalism
b) gender stereotypes, homophobia, heterosexism
c) race, social class, gender roles
d) androgyny, sexual orientation, race

A characteristic that all feminist therapy has in common was...
a) they hated men
b) they think men can not be feminist therapists
c) the feminist analysis of discrimination against women
d) that they all have strict form of feminism

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