AQ Chapter 11-12 Question Preview (ID: 4949)

All Quiet On The Western Front Review Material For Chapters 11 And 12.[print questions]

ID theme: "Everyone > longer." 271
a) Effects of war on the soldiers
b) Power corrupts
c) Reality of war
d) Nationalism vs patriotism

Read p. 273; Paul's tone is
a) Somber
b) Hopeless
c) Angry
d) Conflicted

What happened to Detering?
a) He became homesick and left the company.
b) He was shot through the heart.
c) He killed a fellow comrade.
d) He lost his mind.

Muller's death shows which theme?
a) Power corrupts
b) Patriotism vs Nationalism
c) Brutality of war
d) Effects of war on the soldiers.

The horrible conditions show...
a) that Germany is losing the war.
b) that the men are becoming more like animals.
c) that the soldiers are dying quickly.
d) that all of the men will die.

Who sacrifices himself for the company?
a) Paul
b) Kat
c) Bertinck
d) Leer

P. 285: the structure should remind you of
a) a song
b) a poem
c) an eulogy
d) none of these choices

What happens to Kat?
a) He loses his legs to infection.
b) He is shot through the chest.
c) His skull is pierced by shrapnel.
d) He is executed.

How does Kat's death affect Paul?
a) It doesn't.
b) Paul loses all hope.
c) Paul commits suicide.
d) Paul loses his mind.

What is Paul's last memory about?
a) Nature
b) His family
c) Kat
d) His life.

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