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a) relate to the willingness of the EMT-I to maintain an appropriate appearance
b) are laws governing one's conduct as an EMT-I
c) set standards for human morals
d) deal with the EMT-I's relationship with his or her peers, patients and the patient's family

Needles and other sharp objects must be disposed of in a puncture-proof container
a) True
b) False

What is the most basic, effective way to prevent disease transmission
a) Wearing gloves
b) always carry and use a can of Lysol
c) Not touching the patient
d) Washing hands

Morphine Sulfate dosage in adults
a) 2 to 4 mg slow IV push
b) 2 to 4 mg fast IV push
c) 3 to 6 mg slow IV push
d) 2 to 4 mL slow IV push

Adenosine dosage in adults
a) 3mg IV
b) 3mg IM
c) 6mg IV
d) 6 mg IM

Making an untrue statement about someone's character or reputation without legal privilege or consent of the individual is...
a) Libel
b) Invasion of privacy
c) Defamation
d) Slander

a) authorizes an EMT-I to deliver advanced life support
b) grants recognition to an individual who has met predetermined qualifications
c) is usually issued to the EMT-I by a state medical board
d) is a process of occupational regulation

The standard of care:
a) is the degree of medical care and skill that is expected of a reasonably competent EMT-I
b) is seldom the basis for determining whether an EMT-I is negligent in providing needed care.
c) is based exclusively on scientific literature and EMS system standards
d) is measured by matching the EMT-I\'s performance to others with lesser training and experience

Most of the red and white blood cells are manufactured in the:
a) bone marrow
b) compact bone
c) periosteum
d) epiphysis

Drug Indications: Grand mal seizures; acute anxiety states; withdrawal syndromes
a) Epinephrine
b) Adenosine
c) Furosemide
d) Diazepam

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