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Reduction in pore space and volume through pressure
a) Stratification
b) Cemention
c) Compaction
d) Clastic

The formation of layers of rock
a) Stratification
b) Cemention
c) Compaction
d) Clastic

When most of a rock is made of larger grains
a) Clastic
b) Course grained
c) Fine grained
d) Foliated

Sedimentary Rocks are usually formed on/near...
a) Mountains
b) Plains
c) Bodies of water
d) Jamaica

Metamorphic rock formation is caused by all of the following except...
a) Movement of tectonic plates
b) Heat from magma and core of Earth
c) Weight of surrounding rock layers
d) Foliation

Metamorphism that occurs when magma directly causes changes and enters rocks' pores
a) Regional
b) Contact
c) Intrusive
d) Extrusive

Mineral grains not arranged in bands.
a) Foliation
b) Nonfoliation
c) Fine
d) Course

In igneous rocks, the longer it takes to cool, the...
a) More time crystals have to grow, resulting in smaller crystals (fine grain)
b) More time crystals have to grow, resulting in larger crystals (course grained)
c) Less time crystals have to grow resulting in larger crystals (course grained)
d) I am a fail and do not know the answer

A felsic igneous rock is...
a) Light colored and more dense
b) Dark colored and less dense
c) Dark colored and more dense
d) Light colored and less dense

Igneous rock that cools at or on Earth's surface is
a) Extrusive
b) Intrusive
c) Contact
d) Regional

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