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This type of worker has a great deal of manual work.
a) White-collar
b) Service
c) Part-time
d) Blue-collar

This type of work has more mental than physical work.
a) White-collar
b) Producer
c) Full-time
d) Blue-collar

This is used so that there can be formal negotiations between management of companys and unions.
a) Bargaining
b) Collective bargaining
c) Formal bargaining
d) Court orders

This is designed to decrease costs and increase efficiency at the workplace.
a) Termination
b) Layoffs
c) Downsizing
d) Promotion

A wage and salary system is....
a) direct payments of money to employees for work completed.
b) connects the amount of compensation to the quality or quantity of an employee's performance.
c) is based around how well the employee did during a certain time period.
d) is based around employee evaluations.

An incentive plan....
a) sends direct payments of money to an employee
b) is based around how much product an employee sells in a certain time period.
c) connects the amount of compensation to the quality or quantity of an employee's performance
d) connects the amount of compensation to the attitude and personal attributes of an employee.

The four things that cause changing job requirements are....
a) Consumer preferences, new businesses, new technologies, and business competition
b) Consumer preferences, business cycle, new technologies, and business competition
c) Business competition, employee preferences, new technologies, and business cycle
d) New technologies, new employees, new employers, and new products

Which of the following is an effective source for locating prospective employees?
a) Newspaper
b) Television
c) Career fairs
d) All of the above

Most new jobs today have been created in what industry?
a) Service-Producing
b) Goods-Producing
c) Manufacturers
d) Technology

This allows employees to take a leave of absence for the birth or adoption of a child, to care for a sick family member, or for other personal emergencies
a) Emergency Leave
b) Family Leave
c) Flextime
d) Flexplace

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