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What is the "good job"?
a) Cooking for the officers.
b) Guarding an abandoned village.
c) Training new recruits.
d) Guarding a British POW camp.

ID the motif: "A hiss... the plate." (236)?
a) Nature imagery.
b) Child imagery
c) Animal imagery
d) None of these

Who has been hurt after the bombing, and how have they been injured?
a) Paul/broken arm; Kropp/broken legs
b) Paul/shot in the leg; Kropp/shot in the leg
c) Paul/broken leg; Kat/shot in the leg
d) Paul/shot in the leg; Kat/broken legs

Albert:" if they take off my leg, I'll put an end to it." What is this?
a) Foreshadowing
b) Irony
c) Juxtaposition
d) Metaphor

The harsh treatment by the doctors illustrates which theme?
a) Nationalism vs Patriotism
b) Power corrupts
c) Effects of the war on the soldiers
d) Reality of war

Where are Paul and his friend sent?
a) An infirmary in Belgium
b) A Methodist hospital
c) A British hospital
d) A Catholic hospital

What do the doctors do to the injured soliders?
a) Salute them.
b) Use them as experiments.
c) Use them to try out new drugs.
d) All of these choices.

ID theme:"On the next floor below... shoulders." (262)
a) Nationalism vs Patriotism
b) Reality and Brutality of War
c) Effects of war on the soldier
d) Power corrupts

Significance: " I am young...come out of us?" (263)
a) Paul is describing his feelings as part of the Lost Generation.
b) He asserts that the wrong people are fighting the war.
c) He is commenting on the absurdity of war.
d) All of the these choices.

What will most likely happen to Albert?
a) He will receive his artifical limbs.
b) He will marry Sister Libertine.
c) He will commit suicide.
d) He will re-join Paul at the frontlines.

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