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the formula C6H12O6 would be the ______________ formula for glucose
a) chemical and empirical
b) molecular and empirical
c) empirical and structural
d) chemical and molecular

all organic compounds must contain the element
a) oxygen
b) hydrogen
c) nitrogen
d) carbon

the atoms in organic molecules are held together by _____bonds
a) hydrogen
b) covalent
c) ionic
d) metallic

an alcohol must contain a(n)
a) double bond
b) -OH group
c) triple bond
d) -COOH group

a _____ is a polymer that contains many different molecules of amino acids
a) glucose
b) protein
c) DNA
d) methane

the polymer _____ determines your genetic makeup
a) carbohydrate
b) glucose
c) DNA
d) methane

a polymer of sugar molecules is called a(n)
a) carbohydrate
b) amino acid
c) DNA
d) protein

solid ionic compounds have very high melting points because they
a) are positively charged
b) contain metallic elements
c) are made of elements that are solid at room temperature
d) contain charged ions that are locked tightly together

formaldehyde CH2O and acetic acid C2H4O2 have the same empirical formula but different
a) kinds of cations
b) kinds of anions
c) kinds of atoms
d) molecular formulas

polymers are large organic molecules that are made of
a) cations
b) anions
c) carbon and oxygen only
d) repeating units

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