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a compound differs from a mixture because it
a) always remain frozen even at high temperatures
b) can form only in the presence of heat energy
c) is held together by chemical bonds
d) is formed by two cations

Which compound is formed from a tight network of oppositely charged ions
a) sugar (C12H22O11)
b) quartz (SiO2)
c) water (H2O)
d) salt (NaCl)

Often atoms join so that each atom will have
a) an even number of electrons
b) an outermost energy level that is full of electrons
c) an equal number of protons and electrons
d) more electrons than either protons or neutrons

When 2 hydrogen atoms bond, the positive nucleus of one atom attracts the
a) negative nucleus of the other atom
b) positive electrons of the other atom
c) negative electron of the other atom
d) positive nucleus of the other atom

An ionic bond is a bond that forms between
a) ions with opposite charges
b) atoms with neutral charges
c) one atom's nucleus and another atom's electrons
d) the electrons of two different atoms

In which type of bond do atoms share electrons
a) covalent bonds
b) metallic bonds
c) ionic bonds
d) polyatomic bonds

the anion formed from an oxygen atom is called
a) oxygen ion
b) oxide ion
c) carbon dioxide
d) nitrous oxide

Fe2O3 is named iron (III) because it contains
a) three oxygen atoms
b) Fe 3+ ions
c) three iron atoms
d) O 3+ ions

a carbon atom can bond to four other atoms because it has
a) four different cations
b) four valence electrons
c) two inner energy levels
d) no protons in its nucleus

which compounds hjave carbon-carbon double bonds
a) alkanes
b) alkenes
c) alcohols
d) ionic compounds

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