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Review For Chapter 5 Test, The Structure Of Matter.[print questions]

Amixture is different from a compound because each substance in a mixture
a) retains its own properties
b) changes its electric charge
c) forms an ion
d) changes from a solid to a liquid

Each molecule of hydrochoric acid, HCl, contains one atom of hydrogren and
a) one atom of chlorine
b) one atom of oxygen
c) two atoms of chlorine
d) two atoms of oxygen

In which substance do the molescules have the strongest attraction to one another
a) sugar , a liquid
b) hydrogen, a gas
c) sulfuric acid, a liquid
d) water a liquid

Often atoms join so that each atom will have
a) an even number of electrons
b) an outermost energy level is full of electrons
c) an equal number of protons and electrons
d) more electrons than either the protons and nuetrons

In a metallic bond, the nucleus of one atom is attracted by a nearby atom's
a) nucleus
b) negative ion
c) energy structure
d) electrons

Solid ionic compounds have high melting points because they
a) are positvely charged
b) contain metallic elements
c) are made of elements that are solid at room temperature
d) contains charged ions that are locked tightly together

The name of the compound with the formula Cu Br2
a) copper (II) bromide
b) copper (I) bromide
c) copper bromide
d) copper (III) bromide

The simplest organic compound is
a) aspirin
b) table sugar
c) salt
d) methane

Polymers are large molecules that are made of
a) cations
b) anions
c) carbon and oxygen only
d) repeating units

A protein is a polymer that is made of
a) simple sugars
b) nitrogen and carbon dioxide
c) amino acids
d) DNA

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