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What is the whip on the back of a bacteria cell?
a) A cell wall
b) A mitochondria
c) A flagellum
d) A tail

What is the control center of a cell?
a) A nucleus
b) Ribosomes
c) A Nucleolus
d) A gel-like material

What discovery did Robert Hooke make?
a) The discovey of organelles
b) The discovery of Uraniam
c) The discovery of animalcules
d) The discovery of cells

What is the main difference between a Eukaryotic cell and a prokaryotic cell?
a) They both have a cell membrane
b) They both have a chloroplasts
c) The Eukaryotic has cytoplasm
d) A prokaryotic cell doesn't have a nucleus

What type of cell did Robert Hooke look at through the microscope?
a) Dead cork cells
b) Dead skin cells
c) Dead cheek cells
d) Dead onion cells

What two types of Endoplamic Recticulum (ER) is there?
a) Touching and feeling ER
b) New and old ER
c) Rough and smoth ER
d) Good and bad ER

Why are plant cells green?
a) It's because of the mitochondria
b) It's because of the chloroplasts
c) It's because of the endoplasmic recticulum
d) It's because of the cell wall

Rudolf Virchow proposed that all cells come from?
a) Pre-existing cells
b) All cells come from unliving mater
c) Every plant contains plant cells
d) Every animal contains animal cells

A protist is a _______ organism.
a) A multicellular
b) A double cellular
c) A no-celled
d) A unicellular

DNA is contained in what organism?
a) The nucleus
b) The mitochondria
c) The golgi bodies
d) The lysosome

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