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The Constitutional Convention was held in what American city?
a) Annapolis, Maryland
b) Philadephia, Pennsylvania
c) Washington, DC
d) New York City, New York

For the purposes of determining representation and taxation, slaves were counted as ______ of a free person.
a) 20%
b) 80%
c) 60%
d) 40%

According to the U.S. Constitution, what does the electoral college do?
a) educates new members of the government
b) controls tuition rates for universities
c) votes to choose the new U.S. president
d) advises the president on certain issues

A ______ is a country governed by elected representatives.
a) dictatorship
b) republic
c) monarchy
d) federalism

A place where weapons and ammunition are stored is called a _______.
a) base
b) territory
c) munitions dump
d) arsenal

Both the Virginia Plan and the New Jersey Plan called for
a) two houses of Congress
b) three branches of government
c) an elected president
d) an end to the slave trade

Which state would be most likely to have supported counting slaves when determining congressional representation?
a) Massachussetts
b) South Carolina
c) New York
d) Pennsylvania

Which of the following would have argued that the Constitution did not protect individual rights enough?
a) Antifederalist
b) Federalists
c) Northern states
d) Slave states

The Articles of Confederation placed most of the power of government in the hands of what governing body or bodies?
a) federal government
b) state governments
c) the Continental Congress
d) the House of Burgesses

What violent incident in 1787 helped convinced many Americans that the Articles of Confederation needed to be revised?
a) Boston Massacre
b) John Brown's Raid
c) Boston Tea Party
d) Shays' Rebellion

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