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Which 8th Amendment right is being violated in the drawing of the man hanging from the chains?
a) Double jeopardy
b) excessive fines
c) Cruel and unusual punisment
d) Secret Trials

How many states need to ratify an amendment before it can become part of the Constitution?
a) 38
b) 50
c) 25
d) 33

Which amendment is being violated in the picture of the soldier sitting on the couch?
a) 2nd Amendment
b) 6th Amendment
c) 3rd Amendment
d) 4th Amendment

Which right is not protected by the Sixth Amendment?
a) Right to Confront witnesses
b) Right to a grand jury hearing
c) Right to a impartial jury
d) Right to a speedy trial

According to the interpretation of the 4th Amendment, what legal document is required prior to a search.
a) writ
b) defendant
c) warrant
d) bail

The National Rifle Association actively promotes which amendment?
a) First
b) Sixth
c) Seventh
d) Second

Which individual is most responsible for crafting the Bill of Rights?
a) George Washington
b) James Madison
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Samuel Adams

Powers not given to the national government by the Constitution are reserved for the
a) people
b) legislative branch
c) states
d) executive branch

Which branch of the government is responsible for protecting the Bill of Rights?
a) Legislative
b) Legislative and Executive
c) Judicial
d) Executive

The job of the grand jury is to
a) decide if there is enough evidence to bring a case to trial
b) determine the sentence of a convicted criminal
c) render a judgement in civil court cases
d) determine the innocence or guilt of a criminal

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