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Main job of the legislative branch?
a) resolve disputes involving the law
b) make laws needed for the country
c) enforce and carry out federal laws
d) obey laws once they are passed

Supreme Court's power to declare laws unconstitutional is known as
a) the amendment process
b) judicial review
c) veto power
d) checks and balances

The Great Compromise focused on
a) the selection of Supreme Court justices.
b) checks and balances.
c) representation in Congress.
d) the election of president.

Name of the group of people who supported ratification of the Constitution.
a) James Madison
b) Antifederalists
c) Federalists
d) Electoral College

The Articles of Confederation....
a) divided power among the three branches of government.
b) was the first successful form of government in the United States.
c) formed a loose union of the states.
d) gave power to declare war to the President.

The constitutional system that divides power between the national and state governments is
a) checks and balances
b) democracy
c) federalism
d) judicial review

A territory could apply for statehood, under the Northwest Ordinance, after it
a) had 5,000 free adult males
b) elected its own legislature.
c) appointed a territorial governor.
d) had a population of 60,000.

Shays' Rebellion
a) threatened law and order in Massachussetts.
b) dramatized the money problems faced by poor families.
c) showed how well the Articles of Confederation worked.
d) shocked Congress into calling for a Constitutional Convention.

The Virginia Plan called for
a) congressional representation to be equal for all states.
b) slaves to be counted as three-fifths of a person.
c) representation to be based on a state's population.
d) a unicameral legislature.

Changes to the Constitution are called
a) laws.
b) ratifications.
c) amendments
d) bills

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