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Heat energy travels from an object with a high…
a) Thermal energy to an object with a lower thermal energy
b) Temperature to an object with a lower temperature

Which of the following normally warms up faster when heat is applied?
a) Water
b) Iron
c) Glass
d) Wood

a substance that heats up relatively quickly has a…
a) high specific heat capacity
b) low specific heat capacity

The fact that a thermometer “takes its own temperature” illustrates…
a) Thermal equilibrium
b) Energy conservation
c) Difference between heat and thermal energy
d) The fact that molecules are always moving

Heat energy is measure in units of…
a) Joules
b) Calories
c) Both of these

The moderate temperatures of islands throughout the world has much to do with water’s
a) Poor conductivity
b) Vast supply of thermal energy
c) High specific heat capacity
d) High evaporation rate

Ice has a lower density than water because ice
a) Sinks
b) Molecules are more compact in the solid state
c) Molecules vibrate at lower rates
d) Is made of open-structured, crystals

Compared to a giant iceberg, a hot cup of coffee has
a) More thermal energy
b) Less thermal energy

Ice tends to form at the
a) Surface
b) Bottom

When an iron ring is heated, the hole becomes
a) Smaller
b) Larger
c) Neither

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