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Comprehension, Grammar, Phonics, Vocabulary.

What does the word COMMUNITY mean? The whole COMMUNITY came out to help clean up the town.
a) a group of paid workers
b) a group of police and firefighters
c) a group of people who live in the same area

What does TRANSPORTATION mean? A plane is a fast form of TRANSPORTATION.
a) way to travel
b) way to have fun
c) way to talk to others.

What does the word LESSONS mean? Maya wants to take tennis LESSONS.
a) special tools needed for doing something
b) talks or activities used to teach something
c) books that can be checked out of a library

BEST word for the following sentence....MARIAH PLANTED THE _______ IN A CUP FILLED WITH DIRT.
a) sad
b) said
c) seed

BEST word for the following sentence...KIDS NEED AT LEAST EIGHT HOURS OF _______ EACH NIGHT.
a) sleep
b) slip
c) slope

BEST word for the following sentence.... DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET _______FROM MILK?
a) cram
b) cream
c) crime

BEST word for the following sentence....DO YOU ______ BETTER NOW THAT YOUR COLD IS GONE?
a) fail
b) feel
c) fell

Which sentence from the article shows that some parents teach their children at home?
a) Some children live at their schools
b) A home can also be a school
c) Some children have other lessons after school

What is the School Chores section for?
a) to compare chores at school
b) to get readers to do chores at their own school
c) to tell about the jobs children do at some schools

Why do some teachers teach lessons over the radio or by computer
a) Some students cannot travel to the school
b) Their community cannot afford to build a school
c) Radio and computer lessons help students pay attention

What are the Amazing School Facts boxes for?
a) to tell the mainn idea of each section
b) to give extra details about schools
c) to explain wherereaders can find out more about schools

What is one way that all schools are ALIKE?
a) They are all places where students go to learn
b) They areall places where children can live
c) They are all small buildings made of bricks

Why does each photo have a caption?
a) to make readers laugh
b) to tell who took the picture
c) to explain what is in each picture

Why does the author use headings in this article?
a) to entertain readers
b) to tell what each section is about
c) to explain what is in each picture

What is the article Schools Around the World MOSTLY about?
a) How children get to school
b) what children wear to school
c) how schools are alike and different

What are the first and last words on a page in the dictionary called?
a) examples
b) meanings
c) guide words

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