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Adjusting the horizontal spacing between pairs of characters to move them closer or farther apart is called:
a) Kerning
b) Proportionalizing
c) Monospacing
d) Leading

Lines that control the flow of text within columns and keep text out of the gutter are called:
a) Margin Guides
b) Column Guides
c) Page Guides
d) Template Guides

Placing an illustration near the article that it depicts follows which design principle?
a) White Space
b) Repetition
c) Balance
d) Proximity/Unity

Examples of calming (cool) colors are:
a) Blue, Green and Silver
b) Burgundy, Rust and Peach
c) Red, Yellow and Orange
d) Black, White and Gray

CMYK refers to the color identification process used for images that will be:
a) Displayed online.
b) Viewed on a television.
c) Printed in color.
d) Printed in black and white.

Lines that indicate the space between the edge of the page and the document contents are called:
a) Margin Guides
b) Column Guides
c) Ruler Guides
d) Template Guides

This desktop publishing design feature contains the name of the publisher and may include staff names or other information.
a) Nameplate.
b) Masthead.
c) Caption.
d) Byline.

The mixture of a color with white which increases lightness is called:
a) Hue
b) Shade
c) Tint
d) Saturation

The mixture of a color with black which reduces lightness is called:
a) Tint
b) Saturation
c) Hue
d) Shade

A line which identifies the author of an article is called a/an:
a) Caption
b) Jumpline
c) Deck
d) Byline

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