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Define glanced.
a) took a quick look
b) moving to a rhythm
c) wanted very much
d) looked for a very long time

What is something that can comfort us
a) A hug from Mom or Dad
b) Shoes that hurt our feet
c) A hard bed
d) A sore throat

Define longed
a) wanted very much
b) written instructions for medicine
c) something that makes us feel better
d) surprised

The doctor told her to stay home because she could be _______.
a) contagious
b) comfort
c) prescription
d) longed

What is an example of something contagious?
a) The flu
b) A hand
c) ice cream
d) a nose

Define unexpected
a) surprising
b) something that makes you feel better
c) took a quick look
d) thoughtful

Define prescription
a) a doctor's written instructions for taking medicine
b) pills and cough syrup
c) surprised
d) sick

Define contagious.
a) able to be spread by contact
b) not expected, surprising
c) sick
d) wanted very much

Define comfort
a) someone or something that makes you feel better
b) took a quick look
c) nice
d) surprising

Define attention
a) thoughtful care or kindness
b) it's like when you like pay attention to something
c) not expected, surprising
d) wanted very much

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