Science 9 Chemical Compounds Naming/Formula Writing Review Question Preview (ID: 48986)

Chemical Naming.

Name Al203
a) dialuminum trioxide
b) dialuminum oxide
c) aluminum oxide
d) aluminum dioxide

Name O3Cl5
a) trioxygen pentachloride
b) trichlorine pentaoxide
c) trioxide pentachloride
d) oxygen chloride

Name SF6
a) hexafluorine sulfide
b) sulfur tetrafluoride
c) sulfur trifluoride
d) sulfur hexafluoride

Name PO8
a) phosphorous octaoxide
b) phosphorous heptaoxide
c) monophosphorous octaoxide
d) monophosphorous heptaoxide

Name LiCl
a) Lithium chloride
b) Monolithium monochloride
c) Monolithium chloride
d) Lithium monochloride

Name BeCl2
a) Beryllium dichloride
b) Monoberyllium dichloride
c) Beryllium chloride
d) Beryllium dichloride

Name NaN
a) Nitrogen sodium
b) Sodium nitrogren
c) Sodium nitride
d) Sodium nitrade

Name Mg3N2
a) trimagnesium dinitrogen
b) magnesium dinitrogen
c) magnesium nitride
d) magnesium nitrogen

Name NO2
a) Nitrogen dioxide
b) Nitrogen oxygen
c) Nitrogen oxide
d) mononitrogen dioxide

Name SiO3
a) monosilicon trioxide
b) monosilicon oxyide
c) silicon trioxide
d) silicon oxide

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