HA Investigation 1 Question Preview (ID: 48980)


All matter is made of particles called
a) particles
b) atoms
c) matter
d) mass

Isotopes with a _____ half-life are used to date rocks in an absolute manner.
a) long
b) short
c) medium

Absolute dating means that scientists are
a) absolutely sure about their answers.
b) going on dates with one another.
c) finding the approximate age of a rock or fossil.
d) finding the exact age of a rock or fossil.

The fossil record was used to create
a) an approximate history of Earth.
b) the fossil record.
c) the geologic time scale.
d) a record of past life.

The geologic time scale has been finalized and scientists do not change it.
a) True
b) False

What is biodiversity?
a) The variety of life on Earth.
b) The variety of humans on Earth.
c) The variety of animals on Earth.
d) The variety of plants on Earth.

What is genetic diversity?
a) The variety of genes or inheritable characteristics that are present in a population.
b) The number of different species and the relative abundance of each species in a community.
c) The variety of ecosystems that are present in the biosphere (a system of interacting living organisms).

In what type of rock do fossils form?
a) Igneous
b) Sedimentary
c) Metamorphic
d) All rock types

Scientists believe that ancient life began
a) on land.
b) in trees.
c) in the water.
d) nowhere.

What is a tetrapod?
a) an animal that has four limbs and a tail
b) anything with four limbs and fins
c) an invertebrate with four limbs
d) a vertebrate with four limbs

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