Chapter 2 Question Preview (ID: 48975)

Foundations Of Resident Care.

A system of learned beliefs and behaviors that is practiced by a group of people
a) Sensivities
b) Culture
c) Values
d) Beliefs

When communicating with residents, the NA should do all of the following except:
a) Always greet the resident by their preferred name
b) Talk to the resident with your back towards the residents
c) Listen and respond when the resident speaks
d) Identify yourself upon entering the residents room

The term that means inability to control the bladder or bowels
a) Incontinence
b) Continence
c) Accident
d) Uncontrolled incidents

What is the prefix of bradycardia?
a) Cardia
b) Brady
c) Dycardia
d) ia

The word part added to the end of a root to help form a new word
a) Suffix
b) Prefix
c) Affix
d) Root

Information that cannot be observed. Based on what a resident reports that may not be true
a) Objective
b) Subjective
c) Seeing
d) Pain

The word part that contains its basic meaning
a) Root
b) Suffix
c) Prefix
d) Base

The word part that comes before the root to help form a new word
a) Prefix
b) Suffix
c) Affix
d) Root

Information based on what a person sees, hears, touches, or smells
a) Subjective
b) Objective
c) Feeling
d) Changes

The process of exchanging information with others
a) Communication
b) Conducting
c) Confusion
d) Changes

The way the parts of the body work together when a person moves
a) Allignment
b) Posture
c) Body mechanics
d) Base of support

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