5th Grade History Chapter 3 Test Question Preview (ID: 48952)


A government in which the people elect lawmakers to represent them is called--
a) a royal colony
b) a proprietary colony
c) a representative government
d) the House of Burgesses

A short paper on a single topic is called ---
a) the New England Primer
b) a pamphlet
c) a hornbook
d) none of the above

A person who has finished an apprenticeship and is now accomplished in a trade but is working to become a master in that trade is called---
a) an apprentice
b) a merchant
c) a journeyman
d) a colonist

What were the responsibilities of the justice of the peace?
a) settled problems
b) collected taxes
c) held trials
d) all of the above

Who started a colony where people of any religion could be free to worship as they chose?
a) Cecilius Calvert
b) Lord Baltimore
c) William Penn
d) Roger Williams

The belief that the government should not meddle in church matters is called ---
a) separation of church and state
b) the Great Awakening
c) the House of Burgesses
d) representative government

What were the effects of the Great Awakening?
a) greater awareness of freedom
b) greater emphasis on evangelism
c) new colleges were formed
d) all of the above

A belief contrary to scripture is called---
a) separation of church and state
b) revival
c) heresy
d) representative government

A building in colonial times used for town meetings and religious service is called ---
a) a town meeting
b) the House of Burgesses
c) a church
d) a meetinghouse

Which was the first representative government in America?
a) House of Burgesses
b) town meetings
c) royal colony
d) proprietary colony

Which had the king's permission to choose its own governor?
a) House of Burgesses
b) proprietary colony
c) justice of the peace
d) royal colony

Who worked as tradesmen, farmers, shopkeepers, and ship captains? a) lower class b) middle class c) upper class d) none of the
a) lower class
b) middle class
c) upper class
d) none of the above

The pastor who led more than three hundred people to Christ during the Great Awakening was ---
a) Roger Williams
b) Jonathan Edwards
c) William Penn
d) Thomas Hooker

The evangelist who preached with a powerful voice in the colonies during the Great Awakening was---
a) George Whitefield
b) Jonathan Edwards
c) Cecilius Calvert
d) William Penn

Who opened the first pubic library in America?
a) James Oglethorpe
b) Lord Baltimore
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Thomas Hooker

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