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Don't go in __________!
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) thier

I ____________ by a car accident on my way to school.
a) past
b) paste
c) pased
d) passed

My grandpa is still living in the ___________.
a) past
b) paste
c) pased
d) passed

They all failed _______ tests.
a) their
b) they're
c) there
d) thier

Did you just eat the _________ thing in one bite?
a) hole
b) hoal
c) whole
d) hol

Don't _________ your wallet!
a) lose
b) loose
c) luse
d) looze

__________ always getting into trouble...
a) Their
b) They're
c) There
d) Thier

Every dog has ______ day.
a) its
b) it
c) itz
d) it's

____ still raining outside.
a) Its
b) It
c) Itz
d) It's

Stop playing with ________ food!
a) you're
b) yore
c) your
d) yor

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